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“If I am no longer doing what I’ve been doing, who am I?”

POSTED TO "Medium" as my first writing beyond this Blog... December 21, 2017 . In honour of the equal balance of light and dark in all of us this Winter Solstice… Reflections on the many cries witnessed in 2017; and on the path to finding personal “Agility” in disruptive times. . PREAMBLE : Please note: I think [...]


Musings On Collaboration

Yesterday, I attended an exceptional event.  The Energy Futures Lab (ELF) here in Canada, have been conducting a grand experiment here in Alberta, and Fellows of the Lab over last 2 years, gathered at Calgary's Arts Commons to share sound-bite-sized presentations about the new initiatives that are rising up in the name of creating sustainable [...]


I am the Lotus

To anyone reading this... Please know that the original of this is not my writing.... I just wanted to post this piece as originally written by Dr. Richard Jelusich, with some of my own emphasis added in italics, because I want to remember it relative to my own growth and learning right now. If it [...]


Elevation of the Magdelene

"I believe that solutions lie beyond religion in the promotion of a concept I call secular ethics. This is an approach to educating ourselves based on scientific findings, common experience and common sense — a more universal approach to the promotion of our shared human values"  -- The Dalai Lama . . On June 10th, [...]


Really Love Him

Found this poem today... 3 years later after being first introduced to it. Little did I know where it would lead me less than 5 months after I first read it... The Author is cited as Anonymous. Please let me know who the author is, if you know otherwise. With Gratitude, Trae . . If [...]


Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

SIDEBAR: This is a bit of a rant.  I've just finished attending yet another "Business Development Workshop Weekend" and, as always happens, I find myself called (now from a business perspective - which happens occasionally) to step back more and more into the inquiry and exploration about what it is that assists all of us [...]


The Countdown Begins

The last month has been incredibly reflective for me. I find myself very aware of the persons who have collectively brought forward who they are, and the messages they are here to bring, and how each of those, like pieces of a puzzle have informed my growth and where I am now. . We truly [...]


Naphsha Malkuta … Again

You think that the goal is to be over there, and we say the goal is the journey over there; the goal is the fun you have along the way on your way to over there.  --- Abraham This came in my inbox this morning... and you know... I read quotes like this, and I [...]


The 6 Acts of Receiving “PlayBook” – is Named a FINALIST in the Motivational Category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Immense gratitude goes out to the following individuals who have gone the extra mile to champion my growth, and specifically the "6 Acts of Receiving" material for the last 5 years: The WINfinity Team: Carol-Ann Itel, Sheryl Anderson, Carlo Jensen, Curtis Buxton and Troy Alford Colleagues, Clients: Pauline Victoria Aughe, Brittany Summers, Dave Savage,Candice Zutter, Jordan O'Connor, Carrie Broadstock, Hildy Gottlieb, Dimitri A Petropolis, Suze Casey, Liana Chaouli, Kimberly Tso, [...]


Courage Below the Surface….

WHAT a journey....  Almost 2 years after that fateful day for Pauline Victoria Aughe, in the food fair of a shopping mall in Hilo Hawaii in the fall/winter of 2011... and now, here we are... Remember this video I did in 2012?:  What IS Possible... Well, on November 15th, it really happened.  And WOW... What [...]