Italian Gazebo at Morningtime Chiusi Tuscany, Italy September 2010

Italian Gazebo at Morningtime Chiusi Tuscany, Italy September 2010

I wake early,

the glow of dawn not yet on the horizon,

enticed by the gentle touch of dreams
that have been writing manifestos
in my heart and soul as I sleep.

Emotions ignited,
the flutter gives way
and the stretching, twisting, and expanding begins.

It is Alchemical.

That time and space
where all that I think I am conscious of, or understand,

becomes intimately entwined with my imagining
and morphs into more
than what I ever thought possible.

I’ve been “nesting” I guess,
gestating to emerge with the contractions of energy
which now compel me to let my fingers fly…

Mmmmmm… yes…

The air moves in and through me,
gently wiping away the tightness that lies in the centre of me,
just below my breast.

Measure by measure, I sense the freshness flow-in,
a little bit deeper into my core,

gradually allowing gravity to do its work in and through me,
drawing down and releasing the vibration
that not so long ago, poised me to run…

Not anymore.

In the shades of twilight I breathe. Truly breathe…

And Receive…

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