“If I am no longer doing what I’ve been doing, who am I?”

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December 21, 2017


In honour of the equal balance of light and dark in all of us this Winter Solstice… Reflections on the many cries witnessed in 2017; and on the path to finding personal “Agility” in disruptive times.


PREAMBLE : Please note: I think in “thought form” phrases; much like poetry. What I experience as I write, is like spectrums of ambient light moving around and about me; converging through a prism which, when turned and tilted ever so slightly (up and down, side to side) casts a stream of distinct colours on the surfaces of my consciousness. It has only been recently that it has been posed to me that this stream is equally meant for others to witness, and if they feel so invited, to contemplate for themselves.

I believe we as humanity are being called up / being raised up… To enter-in to a more advanced inquiry, a principle-based discipline and practice of BEing; To unite and embrace our senses and our higher faculties, with our extra-sensory perceptions, so that we might return to our most essential “ISness” (as Mooji would call it) or our fundamental relatedness. I believe we are here to reclaim what it means to be more humane, to hold each other close in all our diverse splendour, and to re-imagine our very existence.

In essence, it’s time. Time for us to re-think our priorities at every level of our organization on this planet, and set the stage for a super-global infrastructure for humanity to convene AS community. It’s time for a unified philosophy and an ecology composed of common denominators across the human-centred designs and narratives that are already so powerfully leading us forward on that path of evolution. It’s time for us to empower and champion that cause… Because the future we are living into here on this planet… demands nothing less of us.

Please accept these writings on Medium therefore, as an offering to join in that honoured chorus. Thank-you.

Who are we?

So many of us ARE, our work.
But what happens when the work we knew…
The work that maintained
something of a standard;
The work that gave us context;
Lacks the “luster” it once held?

Or more startlingly,
is no longer viable OR… present?

Industrialization created
a social contract called Employment.
A matrix all about production,
consumption and ownership.

— And all of it — yes, all of it
is disintegrating.

Or maybe that’s a bit too dramatic.
Maybe instead, I could say
it’s transitioning and…

The average job tenure
is now 3–5 years.
The average number of career changes
is 5–7 in a lifetime.

It seems
we’re consistently being called
to reinvent ourselves, to adapt.

But what’s the through-line?

What does it mean
to find meaning
in disruptive times?

To find our agility
on the surfboard of what we stand for
beyond the realm of “doing”
and achieving a “task”?

What does it mean…
to be partnered in the dance
between stability and flexibility?

To re-imagine our safety-nets…

What if we were to explore “meaning”
on a larger scale?

What would it mean if work,
was about channeling our energies
not just individually, or locally,
but collectively and globally?

Perhaps even as a species,

THIS is my heart.

And this…
these kinds of themes and reflections
are what I’ll be exploring here.

It means I’ll be asking each of us,
to BE IN the willingness
and to be vulnerable.

And I’ll be right in there with you.
To courageously stretch myself
to share the bigger thoughts
that have mercilessly,
been banging on my brain.

I’m going to boldly ask each of us
to BE IN the midst
of a conversation
where the end of the story
is as yet, unwritten
and unknown.

A conversation that allows
each and every one of us
to chart fresh territory

It’s about going in the dark
with the flashlight…
To be in the exploration and
the experimentation.

And perhaps even more importantly…
to allow the data, to lead me
and not the other way around.

It means, being willing to be raw about it.
Excited about the challenges
as much as the victories
and about what it means
to be… “Here”…
in this present moment.

Because as a fellow “big thinker”,
I to have been guilty
of thinking too small.

And if not too small,
too far out into the future
to be present
to the little things.

And I’m well aware
that the only way
to think outside of the box
is to literally get out of,
my own box.

So here I am… asking…
for us to re-think
the way we Learn.

And I don’t mean
about the school system.
I mean Learning — Capital “L”.

Because Learning is bigger…
MUCH bigger.

I’m talking about
re-thinking Learning
as how
we Receive…

How we take in new information;
How we process;
How we discern; and…
How we take action.

what are we teaching ourselves

What are we being taught
that really matters
to truly shape ourselves, and
to truly shape our abundant future?

How are we taking that on?
How are we “languaging” it?
Because language,
is how we share it…
is a map for how we move forward…

WE get to discern, don’t WE?

We get to “choice-make”
how we walk through the sense-making
that bridges permission and action…

Through the ebbs and the flows,
The shifts,
The inversion…

Beyond possibility,
and into probability
to empower passion, and
the power of desire.

We DO.

We get to give ourselves permission.
And claim and choose our reality.

What is it you stand for?
Is it about Freedom?
About Love and Connection?
Curiosity? Discovery?
Creativity? Expression?
Equity? Action?

Or maybe…
it’s about getting back to the basics…

About how simply and profoundly
it means to just get out of bed each day;
to breathe in, and out,
and fundamentally BE… Alive?

Because that’s the only thing that matters,
isn’t it?

What makes us still feel alive
as we transition through the discomfort?
As we move into the meaning of all of it,
one imaginal cell at a time?

It’s about stepping in…
Entering into the principled discipline
of perpetually re-tooling the “self”;
and at the same time, learning to
release that “self”.

It’s about the spiritual evolution,
that ultimately, each one gets to choose
and ultimately, impacts all of us.

How do we do so with less angst?
How do we do so in a way more life-affirming?

How do we also, make that process
and the results it brings more tangible?
More practical, communal?

It’s time to navigate those vast seas…
and those many ways to take action…

To join together…
to combine and co-pilot,
and do so through those discoveries
that have already been conceived, and
are already in motion.

It’s time to initiate a new narrative —
AND Thrivably.

Who’s in??

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