In Awe of what it means to be “in Awe”

This was sent to me by someone who has “played” with the 6 Acts of Receiving PlayBook.  She writes me enthusiastically, “This is what the PlayBook does!!! – This video says it all!!”

The video talks about our responsibility to Awe…  what it means to open our minds and hearts up to an experience of such perceptual vastness, that you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it – that we literally have to scramble the brain temporarily, so the world can seep in.



Wow…  (I thought to myself) Is this really what the PlayBook does?  Hmmmmm…

I had to take a moment or two, to let this in.  To actually Receive the power and the implications of this perspective. How humbling, and wow, how empowering!

And then right then and there, a realization came to me. That even by the fact that I was entertaining the idea… That by doing so, that is EXACTLY what was going on in that moment.  Double WOW!!


To paraphrase Jason Silva… The PlayBook is a way for us to “mess with our perceptual apparatus in order to have the kind of emotional and esthetic experience from life that we render most meaningful”.

In other words, what I call “being in the signals” and the “magic” of what is truly possible.  We aren’t taught how to do that typically and in truth, it is part of why we are here, to LEARN —- THAT.

“Cuz we all know those moments are there… the rhapsodic, ecstatic, bursting forth of awe that expands our perceptual parameters beyond all previous limits.”  The increasing of our own, unique ability – our availability – to Receive what it is that we don’t know… YET!


So join us!!  Join us in reconfiguring your mental models of the world.  Join us in order to assimilate the beauty of the downloads / the signals unique to YOU – to bring in and RECEIVE that new and different information that is awaiting only your willingness to give yourself permission to do so.

That is what it means to be inspired!…

That is why I sign off on most things “In Spirit”…

It’s about Breathing It In… Taking It In… RECEIVING ALL OF IT.

And I am SO grateful for the confirmation the gift of this video brings!


So let’s be on the Learning Journey together…  I look forward to being on it WITH You!

In Spirit,


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