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May 6, 2014…

CONGRATULATIONS Trae Ashlie-Garen and The WINfinity Framework!

The 6 Acts of Receiving “PlayBook”has been named a FINALIST

in the “Motivational” category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards…




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What more people have to say about the new
6 Acts of Receiving “PlayBook” :


“YAY!!! The 6 Acts of Receiving material just got more available to EVERYONE!”

“My kids are even using this! Not just for adults, not at all.”

“Profoundly EASY – I’ll need to get a few more,
to pass on to friends and family.”

“I was part of the “test-drive” on the prototype for the PlayBook and truthfully,
I didn’t want to give it back.”

“Now setting intention without limitation and declaring my birthright,
is actually fun! – go figure.”

“I’m finding myself “playing” at life again… and again… and again!”

“This is a must-have, interactive learning piece – no matter what age you are.”

“We piloted the statements in our ‘community building’ session,
and WHAT a conversation jumped out!”

“Can’t wait to get our hands on the real thing!”


I never knew I was living my life in a way that was limiting my possibilities.

I was doing what I was taught to do – by pre-determining specific results that I wanted, and the steps to get to those results.  And, I was good at it.

Don’t get me wrong… going for an immediate goal is important.  And “reverse engineering” from a picture in your mind for yourself or the world, is VERY important.

I’ve discovered that my desire though, is NOT the point.  (ie. The relationship, the business or career, the home, the car, the… whatever it is I am desiring… is not the point.)

Your desire as a motivation, is your compass. A key condition to assisting you along your way… but the object of your desire is not your destination.

The point is your life is about movement and growth, and the learning that happens along the way toward a destination, with your desire fueling you.

And most of all, how easily (or not) we can switch gears (or not) and adapt to change when the time comes for Receiving new information.

That’s why we’re here – to LEARN how to RECEIVE that new information, and then give ourselves permission to adapt and evolve – together.

How well can we handle change when everything we thought we knew and trusted, crumbles?  What are we feeling, or thinking?  Are we reacting to how we think things “should” go, or are we truly responding to and in the moment?

When massive changes come, it’s a catalyst for either the worst of us or the best of us to be revealed. How will you show up?

We get that it’s going to take some work, and we’re not looking for it to be all sunshine and roses…

We also know that the paradigm of having to “protect” or “fight” for everything, isn’t the way to go either.

Somewhere in the midst of the journey there has got to be a blend of effort and ease. A blend of work and play.

A blend of the infiniteness of what we don’t yet know or understand, WITH the conscious effort of who we really are, as a truly evolving humanity.

There IS a blend…

Because new information is coming in all the time and trust me, more information that will ask you to call into question EVERYTHING, is just around the corner. It’s already happening – and at an increasing pace.

We are in a time now, when people are FAR more emotionally and spiritually intelligent and sophisticated than we give each other credit for.

We’re not looking for more self-help content anymore, not for another set of steps that are going to make our lives better…

What we want is to experience what life has to offer and apply what we have learned in a better and more life-affirming way – we want to “Integrate”.

So that when the changes come, we know how to go deep.  We know how to find that space within ourselves that shows us the way to our highest good.

This “PlayBook” is an awesome companion to that journey of truly BEING and DOING in harmony without getting too caught up in the WHAT or the HOW or even… the WHY.

It’s a more synergistic way of getting results in your life… and in a way that is less about attachment to a particular way or form that the results shows up.

Please note – you DO get results with this – they just look different.  Or more accurately, they come into your life differently than you’re used to.  

They come with mystery and magic, and what jazzes me the most… with cooperation and collaboration.

I know, because of how much my life has changed in the last 6 years.  And I’ve seen the changes in the lives of my clients.

I’ve seen how much the lessons have come in ways bigger and ultimately better than anything I could have imagined.

What’s most wonder-full… is how those results aren’t based only on what I know, or how I had been taught how the world works.

The results come in a way that is about Receiving something better, more, different or new – in a way that is about increasing my availability to what I don’t know – YET.

I live a life “in the signals” daily.  In a way that is about Receiving the information and messages that are uniquely for me.

I’m now adapting and claiming with more confidence, the “piece” that is here for me to play in a much bigger puzzle.

– I give myself permission to engage in it, and take action with it.

It’s about tapping into my own inner wisdom and my desire, in a way that hones my attention to what is important to ME, and my growth.

And continuing to learn and understand more and more how that rolls out – creating more and more clarity about who I am, day by day.

So after almost 25 years of personal and professional development, both my own, and with my clients…  This PlayBook is a distillation of all of it.

It’s been over 20 years in concept, and 4 to almost 6 years of development and re-development through prototypes and “test-drives”.  And I’m sure it won’t end there…

All I know now is this – that the moment is here, now, to release it to the world. Wow… it’s hard to believe we’re really here, but yup… we really are.


The PlayBook is like sitting down with a wise and playful guide. It’s about declaring for yourself, all the possibilities that await you – without limiting what those possibilities might be.

So I encourage you, ORDER YOURS TODAY.

I know with certainty, through the experiences of everyone who has touched this project during its evolution…

That if you truly use this… your life will never be the same.

Enjoy the learning journey.  I’m in there WITH you,

In Spirit,



Trae Ashlie-Garen


“If you want to continue your journey of releasing
your attachments to the illusions that keep you bound to a state of limitation, and awaken to a whole perception of the interdependence of all things, consider Trae Ashlie-Garen’s “PlayBook” as your guide.
A powerful way to help you re-think your life,
and bring more consciousness in.”
John Major Jenkins
Author of “The 2012 Story”

“We have the priviledge of having this time, now, to Receive and adapt.”
Tat Rigorberto – Mayan Spiritual Guide