Waking Up…

It’s amazing really… witnessing and taking in all that is in, and around me here in India.

Especially after 3.5 weeks of Ayurvedic Herbs, and observing what I’m eating, and WHEN – key thing for me I’m finding – I am in awe more and more of what it means to take care of this vessel – this biobodysuit, as much as my mind, my soul, and my heart.

Well I’m pleased to report that this morning, as I rise to the chants, and the roosters, and the ritualistic falling of coconuts on the roof all starting at 5am, I feel – truly FEEL remarkably peaceful, and even more importantly, energized.

Peaceful in me being here, in me surrendering to the transformation that is here for me.

It’s a transformation into more compassion, more love, more grounding, more heart, more play-fullness, more strength, and more… of me. My being, my life, my path. And, I must admit, an excited anticipation of the transformations happening in the life of Mikel too, as he embarks more on his journey.

I’m actually FEELING guys… in a way that is not about overwhelm of those feelings like in the past, but in a way that enlivens me, and holds me close and intimately. AND, I still have over 10 days left!

I am grateful… so, so grateful to my parents and Mikel for the constant moral support of me to be here. To Carol-Ann Itel, who continues to hold down and manage all my business activities. This trip is a game-changer… I am present, and I am truly… here.

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