The 6 Acts of Receiving “PlayBook” – is Named a FINALIST in the Motivational Category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards


Immense gratitude goes out to the following individuals who have gone the extra mile to champion my growth, and specifically the “6 Acts of Receiving” material for the last 5 years:

The WINfinity Team: Carol-Ann ItelSheryl AndersonCarlo JensenCurtis Buxton and Troy Alford

Colleagues, Clients: Pauline Victoria AugheBrittany SummersDave Savage,Candice ZutterJordan O’Connor, Carrie Broadstock, Hildy GottliebDimitri A PetropolisSuze CaseyLiana ChaouliKimberly Tso, Elizabeth Sadlon, andRichard A Jelusich

Friends: Armando RuggeriMarty AndersonKrystel Gauthier, Jessica Belbin,Joey ByattChadwin StratulatEric PlessJody BennaBrian MartellShannon LalondeDan Lalonde and Sean Christopher.

My immediate family… Mom and Dad, my sister Faith Gordon

With the most recent encouragement these last 2 years from:   Jody HattonWill Franco and Paul Sokol.

Clayton Warholm and Tag Goulet, who upon seeing the “PlayBook” immediately, so enthusiastically encouraged me to submit it in the first place…

And last but not least, the Judging Panel of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards… To be named a Finalist in the Motivational Category… This recognition is a tribute to the many who collectively and collaboratively contributed to the ongoing development and “focus-grouping” of this piece, and is definitely “up there” with the memorable moments we share together.

I am sitting here with a glass of port in hand… breathing it all in and marking time… Thank-you… from the bottom of my heart. I am so, so honoured to receive this gift…

In Spirit, Trae Ashlie-Garen



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