The PlayBook is in the SUN!

I woke at 5:55am to the morning sun – literally and figuratively…

Yup, it’s here!!!   I’m SO excited about the article that just came out in the Calgary SUN – in the paper here in Calgary, and online nationally here in Canada!

The article, written by journalist Tag Goulet, very generously talks about the “novelty” of our new 6 Acts of Receiving , and the importance of the Campaign we have on the go right now, to get it to production ASAP.

I have to admit, as a newby on the scene of putting the work that has been coming to and through me for YEARS, out there now and in this format, I couldn’t ask for a better article.

Tag, who is a professional writer and publisher herself, chose to feature me in the article she was already writing on up and coming new authors, in relation to the work she does with the Next Generation Indie Book Awards – wow… nice!

Here it is…

Calgary Sun
Jun 16 2013






The gratitude I am feeling right now, is incredible – for so much…

– for the intuitive signals and synchronicities that I followed, which connected me to Tag,

– for the divine timing of our meeting and the fact that she was working on this article,

– and probably more than anything – her own, incredibly authentic experience of the “PlayBook” for herself personally AND professionally, that made her ask for more information, and brought us here….

The whole story is completely representative of that continues to come into my life, and the lives of those who engage with this material, when we give ourselves permission to truly step into the journey again and again.

The journey of increasing our availability to new information and experiences, and for ourselves, what we don’t know, or didn’t know – YET!!


So to those of you looking at this Blog, this site or me, for the first time, or maybe you have been lurking, and haven’t spoken up yet.  Please take a look at Tag’s article… and I encourage you, comment here.

Better yet, PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR COPY of the ...

We REALLY only have ONE MONTH LEFT to get the numbers up for production if we stand the best chance possible of getting this “interactive learning tool” into as many hands as possible before or by Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend in October.

Please note:  We WILL be bringing this to production at 150 units sold – REGARDLESS… This Campaign is to make that process go quicker, and smoother. The sooner we sell 150 units, the sooner we get going.  That simple. 

WILL YOU PLEASE HELP US here on the 6 Acts of Receiving Team, make this dream truly happen???  Please Purchase NOW, your individual copy or your Package of Three (3) by clicking .


Thank-you SO much Tag, I am in Gratitude that you would lend your established reputation as a publisher and Indie Book Award veteran to this process so enthusiastically!  I look forward to the ripple effects, and how those ripples will bring the news of this to more and more people.  Thank-you!

And to each of YOU… Thank-you SO much for reading, and I look forward to being on the journey more and more with you!

In Spirit, and with Gratitude,


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