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The 6 Acts of Receiving “PlayBook” – is Named a FINALIST in the Motivational Category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Immense gratitude goes out to the following individuals who have gone the extra mile to champion my growth, and specifically the "6 Acts of Receiving" material for the last 5 years: The WINfinity Team: Carol-Ann Itel, Sheryl Anderson, Carlo Jensen, Curtis Buxton and Troy Alford Colleagues, Clients: Pauline Victoria Aughe, Brittany Summers, Dave Savage,Candice Zutter, Jordan O'Connor, Carrie Broadstock, Hildy Gottlieb, Dimitri A Petropolis, Suze Casey, Liana Chaouli, Kimberly Tso, [...]


Good-Bye August…

    Two years ago today, after driving down the west coast on the 101 from BC all the way down to California, I set foot in San Diego with a TN Visa that was supposed to last until August of this year, and only lasted 7 months. I had dreams then. Dreams of final [...]


In Awe of what it means to be “in Awe”

This was sent to me by someone who has “played” with the 6 Acts of Receiving PlayBook.  She writes me enthusiastically, “This is what the PlayBook does!!! – This video says it all!!” The video talks about our responsibility to Awe…  what it means to open our minds and hearts up to an experience of [...]


The PlayBook is in the SUN!

I woke at 5:55am to the morning sun - literally and figuratively... Yup, it's here!!!   I'm SO excited about the article that just came out in the Calgary SUN - in the paper here in Calgary, and online nationally here in Canada! The article, written by journalist Tag Goulet, very generously talks about the [...]


The Great Bell Chant

This, from my Companion Mikel (Michael Cherrington) today... I had the priviledge of meeting fellow CEOSpace Member Gary Malkin in 2009, and 2010. Gary is a brilliant visionary and man of soulful music, I am in awe of this video in evidence of the gifts he shares with the world. Please "take this in" as [...]


Chocolate Cake Hangover

I did a BAAAAD thing. I'm in San Diego, after almost 6 weeks of Ayurvedic diet and cleansing in India, feeling more energized and calm than I have in YEARS, maybe even decades. Last night, I had a bit of a "food-tantrum" (ya, let's call it that), and ate TWO BIG pieces of chocolate cake [...]


Final Post from Kovalam – April 2, 2013

Today is my final day in India... I feel almost melancholy.  I have learned so much.  So much more than I am able to articulate right now. Not knowing what to write, I leave you with this video, to close off this chapter of many more, I suspect will come.   Namaste my friends...  


The Arabian Sea at it’s best…

The waves here in India are very powerful - literally and energetically.   There aren't any land masses between here and the Antarctic so when they land, they do so unimpeded. There was ONE quiet place I was able to go during the day, without being surrounded by people.  It is fortunate to live with [...]


Reflections on Seeing Amma…


Snippits of the Amma Event

    I did not know that they discourage cameras or ANY recording equipment at these events until after I made the brief clips you will see below - when I made them, I kept them brief out of respect for the space, and then was told not to continue. But after MUCH contemplation, I [...]